Horoscope: Oct. 28 - Nov. 3

Handle most matters privately until a direction is established. Those wanting change need to face the fallout if actions are too radical; safety first. Expansion is fine as long as it's not pushed beyond practical boundaries. There are no gains in do-overs or back-tracking. Monday's full moon adds emotional tension - some control issues surface. Check facts or evidence before taking a stand. Doing what is right will work out for all involved. Agreements bring stability. Put aside jealousy or petty behavior. Decide on areas of cooperation or who will end up making a move or change.

  • Aries - Uphold past agreements without ruffling feathers. You need each other for back-up now.
  • Taurus - Relationships reach a turning point. Figure out what each wants from the other. Wait.
  • Gemini - Your emotions prompt you to 'bring things up', but wait a bit for conditions to improve.
  • Cancer - Your conditions or circumstances change. You have other irons in the fire. Prioritize.
  • Leo - Your intuition is on target no matter what circumstances look like. Use alternate solutions.
  • Virgo - Others appreciate your steady hand at the helm or sense of duty. Follow procedures.
  • Libra - Patience with financial matters work out well for you. Others are jealous or a bit greedy.
  • Scorpio - Others count on you for the final decision if there is a deadlock. They respect you.
  • Sagittarius - Your influence behind the scenes is growing. Handle others in an easygoing way.
  • Capricorn - Those is power consult with you as they feel they can count on your expertise.
  • Aquarius - Distance or the past can influence the future now. Consider all your options. Travel.
  • Pisces - Confidential talks or meetings bring good results. You have natural persuasive talents.

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