Season of skulls

Patterns and prints have been popular trends for quite some time now with polka dots, florals and stripes all making their way into the classic category.  Last fall we saw the resurgence of animal print, along with leopard and snakeskin, birds and horse print reigning supreme.  This fall, a whole new print has come on the scene: the skull print.

Using the skull in fashion was the signature of the late designer Alexander McQueen, and his skull print scarves became one of the design house's signature pieces. Since then skulls can be found on many other accessories including rings, bracelets and earrings, and with Halloween almost here, it's the perfect time to try out this dark and edgy trend. 
How to wear Skulls
  • When incorporating skulls into your outfit, treat it like a nod to the gothic look and not an all encompassing theme; balance the edge with feminine pieces like flirty skirts and girly silhouettes.
  • Throw in a skull bracelet with bangles, watches and other jewellery to make an arm stack so the skull bracelet is an unexpected piece in the mix.
  • Buy a skull print scarf in a soft colour like pink to off set the hard edgy print, and wear it with everything! Treat it as if you would any other scarf in your closet.
  • Add other dark, moody touches like a dark burgundy on your lips and nearly black nails; I'm loving L'Oreal's Bold Bordeaux lipstick and dark nails like OPI Lincoln Park After Dark for extra drama and the perfect Hallo'ws Eve daytime look. 
I'm a huge fan of dressing for the holidays, especially when it's incorporated subtly into our wardrobes. Have fun with this trend and rock the new "classic" skull print!

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