I Only Wanna Rock n Roll!

Continuing with the Rocktober parade of new music, this week we focus on a brand new “supergroup” from the heart of Pittsburgh! 

This quintet goes by the quirky name of ‘Gene The Werewolf’, but that is where the quirkiness stops.  These seasoned musicians create some of the loudest, rowdiest Rock we have ever heard!  All the lads have been involved in some significant musical projects in the past, however, being disillusioned from those experiences, they have got together to kick out the jams and bring Rock back to where it should be…a living, breathing animal that excites the senses. 

Their single “I Only Wanna Rock n’ Roll’ is making headway throughout the U.S. and Europe.  The song sums up the group’s collective attitude, and their mission.  Armed with a high degree of Talent, and a fine sense of humour, these guys will undoubtedly make some waves in 2013!  Watch this video of “I Only Wanna Rock n’ Roll” to see what I’m talking about!:

Although from a concert in 2009, this is the latest from Twisted Sister…the CD/DVD package captures the group performing in Vegas, and their version of Christmas!  Only the way Twisted Sister can do it!

Another significant release is Neil Young’s Psychedelic Pill and don’t forget “Celebration Day”, the 2007 reunion concert of Led Zepplin, in theatres now!

As promised last week, here is a Review of the latest effort from Ian Hunter:

Ian Hunter & The Rant Band: When I’m President                                     

Slimstyle Records                           
Review by: Bruce E.J. Atkinson

From the opening track, this is the ultimate Ian Hunter!  A flawless offering from one of the most prolific singer/songwriters of our time.  “When I’m President” flows from strength to strength, whether a rocker or poignant ballad.  This is a master at work!

Get lost in “Fatally Flawed” and find your redemption in the title song; “When I’m President”!  Ian’s voice is as strong as it has ever been, and his song crafting is spot on.  Like most Ian Hunter albums, this one has many hidden messages, set to music that only can be described as beautiful. 

Produced by Ian and his long time guitarist, Andy York, this Work is not as angry as some of Ian’s previous, however it does display some hard hitting lyrics and good ol’ rock n’ roll!  The protesting musical activist has been replaced with a wise-ned troubadour.  Reflective and clever, this Ian Hunter release could be the most important release of 2012…don’t pass this one up!

Under The Lights

Upcoming Club/Concert Highlights:

The Blue Gator:   Studebaker John:   October 12th/13th    JW Jones:  Oct. 19th & 20th    Fighting Orange:  Oct. 24th       Zamboni Brothers:  Oct. 25th    Random Act:  Oct. 26th & 27th

Doc Willoughby’s:  Grimskunk with Dearly Beloved: October 18th                                   

Gateway 21:     Truly Tina: (Tina Turner Tribute)   Oct. 19th & 20th    Reflections In Black; (Tribute To Johnny Cash)   Oct. 26th & 27th

Minstrel Café:  Calum Hughes Collective:   Oct. 12th   Papa Dawg Blues Band:   Oct. 13th  The Strawbs:   Oct. 23rd

The Streaming Café:   The Crackling: Oct. 13th

Notable Concerts:  

 Minstrel Café:   The Strawbs:   October 23rd

Kelowna Community Theatre:   Andre-Philippe Gagnon:  November 9th    Colin James:  November 12th     

Prospera Place:   Journey/Loverboy/Night Ranger:  December 1st

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