Can I create a shorter sales cycle?

It depends. It depends on how open you are to thinking about and doing sales completely differently than you ever have before.

What if sales could be easy? Or at least way easier than you’ve been used to?

Here’s the thing, we’re ALL in sales to some degree or another. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a stay-at-home Mom or a lawyer looking for new business, an entrepreneur or a front-line person at McDonalds – you’re in sales. So this could be helpful for you, too!

It’s really about getting what we want in a smarter and faster way, right? Whether it’s getting our kids to cooperate, getting that new high-end client, getting staff to do their job quicker or getting a promotion to Shift Supervisor – there is a way. What would it take to make that cycle shorter?

First, you have to stop stopping yourself. You need to start moving out of coming to a conclusion that the ‘normal’ trajectory of getting things to work for us is, in fact, normal. What if it could happen faster? Lots of times, we assume that we have no choice in what’s happening and that it’s happening to us.

Here’s where you have the opportunity to think differently. Let’s go back to regular, every day sales. If your previous experience is that your sales process means you have to do one sales call, one presentation and five follow up calls over a span of four months – that’s what you’ll tend to replicate, right? Let me ask you this – have you ever had someone show up that just wanted what you had and you didn’t have to go through all that process? You just made the sale, it was quick, easy – no fuss, no muss? Okay, if you haven’t had that happen, ask around and see if that’s happened for anyone else . Ask the top performers in the group and I’ll bet they will have a number of those kinds of experiences.

Okay, I can feel your resistance coming up along with all the reasons why this happened. Stop right there! Those reasons, that resistance – is the story you tell yourself to make yourself feel better about why it doesn’t happen for you more often or at all. Do you really want to fight for those limitations?

If you do, that’s perfectly okay with me but if you want it to be different, you need to think and do differently. If you want more money in your pocket, you need to be and do different than what you have been being and doing.

I’ve had the great pleasure of helping a number of my private clients reduce their sales cycles down dramatically in more cases than not. Sure, some sales take longer but, by far, their sales are coming way easier, way faster and bringing in more money. How would you like those apples?

Try this, and be open to it otherwise you’re wasting your time, focus on what it felt like (or would feel like) when someone just connected with you and bought from you. Pick one where the sales cycle was absurdly short. Then spend some time focusing on how great that felt that it was that easy.

Remember what it was like to bring in the sale. Remember what it was like when the money showed up on your cheque or in your bank account. Remember how fabulous all that felt.

Now ask ‘What would it take for that to happen all the time?’ (Yup, I know, resistance is likely to be huge right now – just tell the part of your mind that’s revolting and tell it that it’s right – and then keep doing the exercise)

Next, stop yourself from trying to figure out how to answer that question because, quite honestly, I don’t want you to answer that question. I want you to, instead, start paying attention to what ideas, thoughts, images and opportunities start to bubble up for you in the next while.

To recap, get into that feeling state of what it’s like when someone just pops in and busy from you quickly and easily. Next, ask the question mentioned above and then watch to see what bubbles up for you.

Final step, take action. Of those ideas, thoughts, images or opportunities that bubble up – take action on what inspires you.

This is a first step – see what happens for you. There’s more to all of this but I suspect you’re not ready for it until you do this first. 

We had fun covering the next steps in a recent Live Q&A I did which was recorded and is free for you to check out. Here’s the caveat though, only check it out if you’re brave enough to try something completely new and different but which has the capacity to totally turn your sales, your money and world into something wonderfully amazing.

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