North Okanagan  

Officals keep an eye on water levels

The Emergency Operations Centre is still actively monitoring  the water levels in the creeks and rivers of the North Okanagan Region.

According to information officer Gord Molendyk most water levels have rescinded or stabilized over the past 24 hours.

" All municipalities and Regional Districts continue to have crews checking the water levels, should any concerns develop  we will immediately notify residents in the effected areas."

Anyone living near creeks and rivers should continue to be vigilant as water levels could rise again.

Molendyk advises to move livestock to higher ground and sandbag those areas that have been effected by high water in the past.

"Geotechnical  work is being conducted in three areas where road ways have been effected by flooding. They are the Enderby Mabel Lake Rd.,  East Vernon Rd and Tillicum Rd in the Regional District which all still remain closed."

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