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Pics of Octomom's porn shoot released

What’s the matter with you? You clicked on this headline just to see Octomom nude, didn’t you?

Admit it: you were so curious that it temporarily slipped your mind that we don’t post nude photos. That being said, I do promise to show you some raunchy stuff further down the column. So stick around.

Not sure how I missed it late last week, but TMZ ran a story about Octomom’s first day on the porn set. Glad I missed it at the time, because just the thought of Octomom performing any type of sexual act on camera is not a healthy mental note for which to end the workweek.

Now that we’ve started a new week, far be it from me to shy away from exacerbating your bad case of the Mondays by providing details of Octomom making dirty movies featuring her and her only (if you get my drift). Let’s just say she wouldn’t be able to take part in “the bet” that Jerry, Kramer, George and Elaine made.

According to the TMZ report, Octo apparently had a case of the nerves when she first got there, but after speaking with a few porn stars and watching some porn on the big screen, she was good to go.

Someone who was on set said that she was "a natural and looked great."

It’s great that Octomom is finally getting some bank, but you know when this comes out it’s going to be many layers of awkward. Remember, this is the same woman who, when asked by Howard Stern about a basic sexual position, went "ewwwww." She claims she's never been able to “close the sale” and hasn't been “touched” for at least a decade.

Will she even know what to do? I’m sure that if and when the movie leaks to the Internet, I’ll watch it – if only to conduct an experiment testing my personal cringe meter – because I think Courtney Stodden broke it last week.


Speaking of not being the master of your own domain, what was up with Rihanna on Saturday Night Live? Her performances were good enough (although she did sound quite pitchy at times), but I’m not sure what is prompting the repetitive crotch slapping going on. Perhaps she’s trying to start a new erotic dance move? 

Maybe this is the reason she skipped the dress rehearsal

Take a look (the slapping begins around the 40-second mark):

I’m pretty conflicted about this: on one hand, I don't think seeing RiRi touch herself repeatedly on live national television helps her status as a role model to young women; however, her solo version of patty cake patty cake did a good job of diverting our attention away from the clumsy vocal stylings.

I guess it’s a wash.


Can’t let an issue of Celebrity Soup go by without mentioning the untimely passing of MCA, Beastie Boy Adam Yauch.

Yauch will be remembered as a true music pioneer, innovative visual artist and all-around great guy. I was a huge fan and was very saddened by news of his death.

I’m not a big fan of Coldplay, but love this tribute they paid to MCA on Friday night at the Hollywood Bowl. Nice work.

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