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Antonio Banderas robbed in Hungary

Antonio Banderas has had his wallet stolen by a pickpocket.

The "Mask of Zorro" actor was mobbed by fans as he arrived at Franz Litzt airport in Budapest, Hungary, earlier this week and, after getting into a waiting car, discovered his wallet had been taken.

According to the Austrian Times newspaper, local police believe expert thieves had taken advantage of the crowd chaos to target the actor.

It is unclear how much money was taken from the Spanish star.

Antonio isn't the only celebrity to have been targetted by thieves recently.

In September, John Travolta's vintage Mercedes was stolen when he visited a Jaguar dealership in Santa Monica for 10 minutes,

The 1970 vehicle was partially recovered in January after law enforcement officers found it "chopped up".

Sergeant Richard Lewis, who was investigating the theft, revealed: "It was not recovered in whole. It was chopped. We have numerous pieces recovered but not the entire car."

Speaking last year, John -- who is also a qualified pilot -- admitted he was glad it was not his private jet that got stolen instead.

He joked: "I was looking for Jaguars, and it was a beautiful, spotless dealership and I left it parked on the side.

"And eight to 10 minutes later, my car was gone. And it's like that movie, "Gone in 60 Seconds," like, who can explain it?

"But at least it wasn't a jet, though that might be easier to find."

File: CTV

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