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Paula Abdul $900,000 poorer today

Paula Abdul has agreed to pay $900,000 damages to a woman who was injured on her driveway.

The former 'X Factor' judge was sued in 2009 by Jill Kohl, who alleged she fell over in the grounds of her Los Angeles home during taping of the former pop singer's reality TV show 'Hey Paula', and they have now reached a settlement.

As well as the $900,000 she will receive from Paula, Jill has also agreed an additional $100,000 damages from the company who made the show, her lawyer Robert Rodriguez Clayton told TMZ.com.

In her lawsuit - which was filed in March 2009, Jill alleged she fell over because the driveway "was in a dangerous and defective condition".

The news comes just weeks after Paula was axed as a judge on the US 'X Factor' after just one season.

Despite her upset, Paula vowed at the time to stay friends with show supremo Simon Cowell, who she previously worked with on 'American Idol'.

She said: "Yes, it's true; I won't be returning to 'The X Factor' next season. I've learned through my longevity in this industry that business decisions often times override personal considerations. Simon and I, along with Fox and [production company] Fremantle, have been communicating about this for a while now, and I have absolute understanding of the situation.

"Simon is, and will remain a dear friend of mine and I've treasured my experience working this past season with my extended family at Fox and Fremantle.

"I want nothing more than for The X Factor to exceed ALL of their wildest dreams. This truly has been a blessing and I am most grateful."

File: CTV

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