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Mum’s the word

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Mother’s Day is this Sunday, but my Mom was just here for a whole glorious ten days from Easter onwards, so I got my dose in early. We got to just hang out, which is something we have enjoyed my whole life. My Mom and I like to talk – not just chat, but talk passionately about things that matter to us – and it is far more fun to do it in the same room sharing the same bottle of wine, as opposed to over the phone long distance, with our own glasses in our hands. I am really glad when I get to share time with my Mom, no matter what we are doing. I just like having her around.

We got to walk the dogs together. It was funny to see our unruly Simon (the German Short-Haired Pointer) with my Mom, as he is often a real handful with people. Mom just put on her stern “I’m the Mom, and I’m in charge” voice, and he shaped right up!

We had coffee together. I prepare more coffee when my Mom visits, but we don’t always drink more, as we can just as easily end up being caught up in a discussion of supreme importance (at the time) and the water never gets poured, or the pump never gets pushed, or the coffee in the cups gets cold and we have to start over. But we can come dangerously close to solving the problems of the world.

We got to sit on the deck together. My Mom could have been an architect or a landscape designer. She has redesigned my house(s) and garden(s) in the air over the years so many times she should get an honourary degree, I am sure. I am the kind of person who just goes with an idea, and then fills in the rest. She has a plan and can tell you which style it is, from which part of the world and from which century… and whether your neighbor has done a good enough job to keep up with you if you decide to make your changes. The best part is though, she IS a Mom, and Moms are the ones who, when you go off in a completely different direction (one that seems like it could go completely wrong – as in, you will be laughed at or will end up in tears)… they stand by, at the ready, and they are there to give you a hug and say “It’s OK” if it does blow up, or with equal love and enthusiasm, “Bravo!” if it goes right.

The crowning glory, if you will pardon the pun of course, was that we got to watch ANOTHER Royal Wedding together. I still remember sitting up and discussing every little detail of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding, thirty years ago. It seemed only proper that we share this regal moment as well, and so Mom planned to be here on the special day.

We had grand plans of an elegant party, with spiffy appetizers throughout the wee hours. In fact, all we managed was to finish the chocolate sponge cake that Martin made for us, so we could have something special with our bubbly. But we did wear hats with our jammies, and we waved our flags as the cars headed to Westminster Abbey, just like all the well-wishers on the streets of London. We giggled at some of the more outrageous outfits (didn’t William’s cousins Eugenie and Beatrice look like the two stepsisters from Walt Disney’s Cinderella? And how is it the wife of the British PM didn’t get whisked away by the Protocol Police for not wearing a hat to the ceremony??) We oohed and aahed at the more elegant guests and we admired the new Princess’ vision of creating a forest in the Abbey. (I thought it looked like the wedding of Robin Hood and Maid Marion when they all came down the aisle, with Pippa holding the hands of the young girls and all of the greenery framing their way). It all went swimmingly well, really, and we agreed the bride and groom looked much more “in the moment” than William’s parents all those thirty years ago. It made my heart swell to see their smiles, and I know Mom wiped a few tears away.

As we clinked glasses and watched them begin their Happily Ever After, I thought how wonderful it was to live in the moment with my Mom, “yet one more time again”, as she is fond of saying. I cherish every moment we get to share, but I do love being able to stack them up!

One of my first Mother’s Day cards said, “To Mumsy, with love from Clumsy”. I am here today, many years later, saying, “Thanks Mumsy, for showing me the classy side of clumsy”. That and so many other things you have shared with me. I feel like I have my own Queen for a Mom, so I guess that makes me a Princess, too, doesn’t it?

Happy Mother’s Day to all those wonderful role models out there.


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Her company, Wow Service Mentor, helps businesses enhance their customer experience through hands-on training, service programs, and special event coordination.

Kristin enjoys her own experiences too, and that is what she writes about in this column. She and her husband Martin Laprise (also known as Chef Martin, of The Chef Instead) love to share their passion for food and entertaining.  

Kristin says:

"Wikipedia lists a gourmand as a person who takes great pleasure in food. I have taken the concept of gourmandise, or enjoying something to the fullest, in all parts of my life. I love to grow and cook food, and I loved wine enough to become a Sommelier. I call a meal a success when I can convey that 'sense of place' from where the food has come . . . the French call that terroir, but I just call it the full experience. It might mean tasting the flavours of my own garden, or transporting everyone at the table to a faraway place, reminiscent of travels or dreams we have had."


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