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West Kelowna man, 92, reaches walking milestone with dog

Walking way across country

A West Kelowna senior and his dog are still going strong after surpassing his latest walking milestone.

Dudley Booth, 92, and his dog Loki have been walking their way across Canada, virtually, for the past four years.

Despite losing his wife Wilda in December 2023, Booth says walking with his dog helps to keep him active.

Booth takes his 13-year-old dog Loki out for a walk almost every day and recently he managed to pass the 7,000-kilometre mark.

"Loki and I did reach the big magic number some days ago and we are continuing our walks toward the next big number," says Booth.

Booth and Loki started walking years ago when the dog was just a puppy, and he decided to map his walking distance and set goals to help him stay motivated.

"Every day that we go for a walk, I create a new map showing how far we've gone," says Booth.

Booth began pretending years ago that he was walking east on the Trans-Canada Highway. Now years later, he's walked all the way east to Nova Scotia.

Booth says staying active, having goals and a walking buddy have helped him live a long and healthy life.

"I love to do that and it might encourage some old timers to get out walking," says Booth.

"The photo is on one of our favourite places to walk, the lake shore from Gellatly to the nut farm," he added.

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