Traditional ceremony pushes fire engine into service in Vernon

Push-in for fire engine

In a traditional ceremony that dates back to the 1800’s, the newest addition to Vernon Fire Rescue Service’s (VFRS) fleet is now in service.

The new engine rescue was pushed into Fire Station 1 by emergency personnel and members of Council Monday afternoon.

The centuries old push-in ceremony dates back to when fire crews used horse-drawn equipment. After returning from a fire, the animals were unable to back the equipment into the fire halls, so crews would have to push-in the equipment.

The new Pierce fire apparatus was delivered to VFRS on March 19 and the new fire engine replaces a 28-year-old fire apparatus. In a news release, the city states this addition to the fleet is an important milestone as it provides a Fire Underwriters Survey (FUS) recognized apparatus for each of the city’s three (3) fire stations.

In 2023, Council approved a request from VFRS for the purchase of a new fire engine/rescue and equipment at a cost of up to $1.7 million.

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