Summerland rescue asks for donations to help dog get surgery after leg left to heal wrong

Support for injured pup

Casey Richardson

An injured dog that was found by a local is now in the hands of the Critteraid Animal Sanctuary in Summerland and his foster family to finally get the care he needs.

Archie is described by Critteraid Dog House Director Arlene Dunstan-Adams as the "sweetest, most loyal and loving dog you'd ever met."

But the pup is currently in pain.

"After a thorough checkup and X rays, we found out that poor Archie had a broken femur that was left untreated for a very long time. Due to his injury not being taken care of by his previous owner, it fused in a way that is causing this poor boy daily pain just to move around," she said.

"He has already won the hearts of his foster parents that will be committing themselves to Archie's recovery and physical therapy, and then adopting him when he's ready. "

What the rescue and his new family is in need of is donations towards Archie's leg reconstruction surgery.

"This brave boy is going to go through a major surgery with our wonderful vet team at Summerland veterinary hospital. There he is going to get the best care possible to give him a chance at a life without pain. The surgery and the eight weeks of recovery after are not going to be cheap," Dunstan-Adams added.

"We are hoping that there are some loving caring souls out there that will donate to help with Archie's medical costs."

Even now with his pain and ruined leg, Archie tries his best to play fetch with his favourite toy, a ball.

"Every animal that comes through critter raids doors are special, unique and deserve a life without pain."

To donate to help Archie heal, head to Critteraid.org

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