East Kamloops residents asked to submit feedback for city's watershed, stormwater management plan

Weigh in on the watershed

Residents in Barnhartvale, Campbell Creek and Dallas are invited to take part in a survey to help the City of Kamloops plan environmental and water management strategies for the area.

In a news release, the City of Kamloops said the East Kamloops Watershed Survey will be open until 3 p.m. on Friday, March 15.

Michael Schaad, City of Kamloops utilities engineer, said in a statement the survey coincides with the development of the East Kamloops Watershed Master Plan, the latest drainage master plan being developed by the city.

“The drainage system in Barnhartvale, Dallas and Campbell Creek has a mix of drainage solutions, include piped systems, gullies, ditches and on-site infiltration. This system can be imperfect, and we want to understand where the locations of concern are, inventory them, and document them in the plan,” Schaad said.

Schaad noted there are 13 drainage basins in City of Kamloops boundaries, and master plans exist for five of them. With this initiative, the city is looking to complete a study of three more drainage basins.

According to the city, resident feedback has been helpful in past planning processes to identify and confirm known areas of concern. The areas can be flagged and if needed, added to the city’s capital plan for improvement.

The survey is the primary way for the community to provide input on the East Kamloops Watershed Master Plan. Residents can find the survey and can also submit a question to the city through the project’s Let’s Talk webpage.

Residents who complete the survey can opt to enter for a chance to win a rain barrel. A draw for the prize will be made on March 22.

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