Summerland rescue 'happy to take responsibility' for pregnant cats to allow for a warm, safe birth

Rescuing kittens from cold

Casey Richardson

The Critteraid Animal Sanctuary in Summerland has already taken in five pregnant mama cats, with kitten season just beginning.

Lori Huot-Stewart, president of Critteraid, said kitten season is filled with mixed emotions, so they might as well choose positivity and education.

"Instead of getting discouraged, we have named them the happy crew," she said, referencing the first round of kittens born.

"Mama Honey has delivered five beautiful babies. Honey Bee, Honeysuckle, Honey Pot, Honey Bun and Honey Dew."

The next mom is due any day.

Huot-Stewart said the cats are happy to have warmth, clean blankets, safe haven from the predators for her and her babies.

"And we are happy that the babies will not experience such harshness," she added. "We are happy to take the responsibility to give nutrition, build trust, give responsible medical to spay or neuter and microchip and then find them wonderful happy homes."

Next year she hopes there will be less suffering because more will help the cause and attempt to resource the solution to spay and neuter their cats first.

"There is no such thing as a free kitten. They all have a cost involved. If you can't afford food or basic medical, please reconsider until you can. Maybe you could foster to get your fix of having a companion."

Huot-Stewart said people can reach out for assistance or talk to them about older cats that have already been spayed and neutered.

"I thank you for all of your compassion and consideration to help these helpless babies from being born outside. When we work together, doing these little things, we make a difference."

To take a look at all the adoptable cats and kitties, visit critteraid.org

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