Penticton reminding residents about traffic lights to give pedestrians, bikes a head start

Head start to cross the road

The City of Penticton wants the public to remember to watch for increased safety features at traffic signals downtown, aimed at keeping traffic, cyclists and pedestrians safe.

In a press release issued Friday, the city noted that the following safety measures are now in place downtown and will be at all signalized intersections in the coming years:

  • Advanced walk and bike signals (on bike routes) that provide an opportunity for those on foot or wheels to move forward across the road before vehicles get a green light.
  • Accessible pedestrian signals, which provide auditory, visual and tactile information for the visually impaired.
  • Pedestrian and cyclist signals are now automatic throughout the downtown core, with no need to press the button to activate the signal unless an audible cue is required.

"Signs are being updated to educate the public while adjusting to the safety measures," reads the press release.

"This initiative aligns with council priorities of supporting a safe and resilient community, enhancing and protecting the safety of all residents and visitors, plus proactively planning for a livable and accessible city."

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