New Kelowna modular site on Highway 97 to house seniors, those with disabilities

New homes for 55-plus

The second of three tiny home or modular housing sites in Kelowna will be reserved exclusively for seniors and those with disabilities.

The City of Kelowna made that announcement Friday morning as modular, work-camp-style units are moved into place for the 60-home Trailside site on Highway 97 between Leathead and McCurdy roads.

"Trailside will support 60 seniors (55+) and persons with disabilities as they journey from unsheltered homelessness to a permanent home," the new release states.

"Considered a transitional housing step, the majority of participants will come from local shelters, freeing up those indoor spaces for others currently sheltered outside."

The units for the Trailside site were trucked and craned into place last week. They differ from the individual "tiny homes" deployed near the rail trail encampment

They will be assembled on blocks and connected to create two buildings with individual rooms, combined community space and dining room, on-site laundry and office space for staff.

The site will be fully fenced and secure and, once construction is complete, the buildings will receive an aesthetic wrap to provide an updated and cohesive look.

Turning Points Collective Society, which operated a similar program in West Kelowna, will run the Trailside site, which is expected to open sometime in April.

It's the second of three sites expected to open sometime this year. The 60-unit STEP site on Crowley Avenue recently began welcoming clients.

A location for a third site has yet to be announced.

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