Vernon to increase metered parking fees for first time in decade

Parking costs increasing

For the first time in a decade, parking prices are increasing in downtown Vernon.

Council approved a 25 per cent increase in metered parking on Monday. Parking costs are increasing from $1 an hour to $1.25 per hour.

“An increase in parking fees by $0.25 per hour will realize potential revenue of $240,000 which will contribute to increased costs and maintenance of parking system infrastructure,” reads a report to council.

Parking rates haven’t been increased in over 10 years, according to city staff, when the rate jumped from 50 cents to $1 an hour.

City administration said the increase will align on-street parking with other Okanagan cities. According to the report, parking in Kelowna is $1.50, which is variable based on scene and season, $1.25 in Kamloops and $2 an hour in Penticton.

The motion passed with very little discussion from council. Coun. Brian Guy commented on staff's suggestion to look at off-street and on-street parking rates together in the future.

"Makes sense to consider both the on-street and the off-street parking together when we're considering increases next time," said Guy.

Off-street parking rates for surfaced lots were increased in March 2023 to $5 per day, and $.75 per hour, where they remain.

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