Holiday light show in Lake Country is growing

More fences light up

A hobby farm owner in Lake Country was hoping the neighbours would join in on her festive holiday display, and it looks like some of them have.

Castanet spoke to Jackie Patterson in November, after her husband had installed about half of the tens-of-thousands of Christmas lights that adorn the fences and buildings on their farm along Reiswig Road. They’ve been putting them up for the past few years.

Patterson said she loves holiday lights, ”so we just keep adding to it each year.” Her hope was that others in the area would chip in and light up the whole street.

A woman who first posted about the display on a local Facebook group, says it’s growing. She shared a photo showing several houses down the street from the Pattersons now aglow with colourful lights.

Castanet has created a self-guided Parade of Lights. If you would like to submit your home or neighbourhood, click here and follow the directions on the page.

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