Baking bee at Vernon's St. James School creates bevy of tasty treats

Baking up good cheer

Volunteers were baking up a storm at St. James School Saturday as they get ready for the annual Together for Christmas Dinner.

Held on Christmas Day, the event is expected to host up to 500 people. Starting at 3 p.m. at the downtown Vernon school, there will be a full turkey dinner plus a bevy of tasty treats along with crafts and games.

Sheila Monroe was one of the volunteers baking those treats, “because every good dinner has desserts.”
The one-day baking bee resulted in the creation of everything from lemon bars to cookies to macaroons and more.

This is the first time St. James has held the dinner since the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It's free to anyone...who wants to come and join with others to have a cheery celebration,” Monroe said. “There is a real need for this. Not just for meals, but for companionship, for gathering with others and for being together with other people.

“Even if they are not your friends when you walk in the door, many people get to know others and really enjoy themselves, so it combats loneliness too.”

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