CBC considering 'all possible measures' in wake of concerns over cuts, exec bonuses

Nothing off table at CBC

Top CBC executives say they are considering options to manage the broadcaster's financial pressures, including taking a look at "senior executive compensation," following plans to slash 10 per cent of the public broadcaster's workforce. 

CBC/Radio-Canada head Catherine Tait and seven vice-presidents released a brief statement today, after MPs of different political stripes voiced concern about the plan to cut 600 jobs and not fill 200 vacancies over the next year. 

Tait announced those plans earlier in the week, saying the move was necessary to make up for a $125-million budget shortfall. 

But political leaders have expressed concern about the impact the job cuts will have on programming, especially for French-language audiences both in Quebec and outside the province. 

Tait drew further criticism after saying on CBC's The National that it was "too early" to say whether executives would receive bonuses this year.

Senior executives say in today's statement they are "aware of the concerns" and "all possible measures" are being considered, including when it comes to "senior executive compensation."

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