CSIS boss apologizes for rape claim response, revamps harassment plan

CSIS boss apologizes

Canada's spy chief has apologized to staff over his response to rape and bullying allegations in the agency's British Columbia office.

In a town hall this week, David Vigneault told Canadian Security Intelligence Service staff about new anti-harassment measures in what he called an "extraordinary moment."

He says the officer accused in the complaints, made public in an investigation by The Canadian Press last week, is no longer employed by the agency, as of Monday.

Vigneault says he has ordered the creation of an ombudsperson's position to handle workplace problems "without fear or reprisal."

He says the agency will also release annual public reports on harassment and wrongdoing in the agency.

The moves come after The Canadian Press reported on what officers called a "toxic workplace" in the agency's B.C. surveillance unit.

One officer said she was raped nine times by a senior colleague while in surveillance vehicles on missions in 2019 and 2020.

A second officer said she was later sexually assaulted by the same man despite bosses being told he should not be partnered with young women.

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