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Will you make charitable donations this holiday season?

Poll: Charitable donations

The list of Canada’s 20 most generous communities has been selected by measuring the number of donations per capita made through the GoFundMe platform throughout the year. GoFundMe recorded more than 6,100 donations made in Prince George for 2023 and with a population of almost 77,000, that results in a per capita donation rate of 8.01 per cent.

"Canadians came together in 2023 to support one another in times of need," said Ved Khan, Senior Corporate Affairs Manager, Canada, GoFundMe.

“Whether it's helping a neighbour rebuild their home, contributing to a medical fundraiser, or supporting an important local organization, Canadians exemplified the meaning of giving. Their unwavering commitment to supporting one another has not only defined 2023 but has set the gold standard for what it means to be a compassionate community.”

Canada’s most generous community in 2023 is Victoria, where over 26,000 donations were made in 2023. With a population of almost 92,000, that results in a per capita donation rate of 28.62 per cent – or over one in four Victorians.

This year, GoFundMe has recorded two million donations in Canada for people, causes, and organizations. This compares to almost 1.86 million donations over the same period in 2022 – representing a 7.3 per cent increase.

GoFundMe’s top 20 most generous communities in Canada are:

1. Victoria, British Columbia

2. North Vancouver, British Columbia

3. Vancouver, British Columbia

4. Prince George, British Columbia

5. Kelowna, British Columbia

6. Nanaimo, British Columbia

7. New Westminster, British Columbia

8. Brampton, Ontario

9. Maple Ridge, British Columbia

10. Thunder Bay, Ontario

11. Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

12. Kitchener, Ontario

13. Peterborough, Ontario

14. Guelph, Ontario

15. St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

16. Toronto, Ontario

17. Milton, Ontario

18. Whitby, Ontario

19. Barrie, Ontario

20. Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Do you feel Canadian pay too much wireless and broadband services?

Total Votes:  9805

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