City of Kamloops considering New Year's Eve fireworks ban amid ongoing drought

No fireworks on New Year's?

It could be a quiet New Year’s Eve in the Tournament Capital, with city officials floating the idea of a fireworks prohibition due to an ongoing drought that has vegetation in the area "primed to burn."

Kamloops Fire Rescue brass is considering a complete ban on fireworks.

“Our top priority is keeping our community safe,” Scott Johnson, KFR assistant fire chief, said in a news release.

“We will continue to monitor our fire conditions and reassess the ability to grant fireworks permits to applicants if the conditions improve.”

According to the city, fireworks can be dangerous when used in dry conditions — and it has certainly been dry in Kamloops.

“Even though we are into the late fall, the vegetation in our area remains drought stressed, dry and primed to burn,” Johnson said.

“We do not want to jeopardize our community’s safety due to an errant firework or debris fallout.”

It is illegal to use fireworks in city limits without a permit from KFR. Anyone caught doing so could be fined $250, the city said.

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