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Salmon Arm approves $150K public washroom upgrade to reduce vandalism

$150K biffy upgrade

It's hoped a $150,000 public bathroom renovation will reduce vandalism at the Salmon Arm facilities.

The Ross Street Plaza washroom upgrade has been approved by Salmon Arm council.

The upgrades will allow the washrooms to become multi-stall rather than single occupancy.

The change eliminates the ability to lock the door from the inside, which is hoped will reduce vandalism and prevent people from being able to lock themselves inside for extended periods.

After receiving four bids, local company McDiarmid Construction was awarded the contract, with a bid of $153,182 including tax.

Funds for the project include $84,000 in grant money from the Canada Community Revitalization Fund and $76,500 from a COVID restart grant.

The upgrades also plan to make the bathroom fixtures 'vandal-proof' as much as possible.

Mayor Alan Harrison had this to say: “It’s interesting how things change over time. Single-use washrooms with single doors used to be the way it was done. I know that everywhere there’s significant damage done to those washrooms and it's mostly because only one person’s in there, and so this way I think it will certainly improve that situation.”

Planned upgrades are said not to affect the existing mural or stage on the exterior of the building, and construction is scheduled to take place over the winter.

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