Fire at homeless camp doused north of Vernon, caused slippery roads

Slippery road after fire

Fire crews responded to a fire at a homeless encampment near Highway 97 and Stickle Road Saturday morning caused slippery conditions in the area.

BX-Swan Lake Fire Chief Bill Wacey confirmed crews responded to a fire alongside the overpass north of Vernon at a homeless encampment.

“We did spread some water that came out from the suppression actions, and so I did call for having AIM road maintenance people to come in and sand that area for us,” said Wacey.

Wacey said the fire was about the size of a couple tents, and an individual woke up to find his tent on fire. Crews were able to quickly douse the blaze.

“A lot of garbage and junk that burned up with it again, like we've experienced in the past,” said Wacey.

DriveBC put out an alert at about 6 a.m. cautioning drivers of extra slippery conditions in the area.

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