Kangaroo on the loose spotted in Oshawa, Ont., police urge public to avoid animal

Kangaroo on the loose

A kangaroo was running loose east of Toronto on Friday after making a break for it during a pit stop on its journey to Quebec, Durham Regional Police said. 

The kangaroo was seen sprinting along the side of a road in Oshawa, Ont., on Friday morning but police and volunteers were unable to locate it. 

"What I can tell you is that yesterday evening, a delivery driver en route to Quebec with two kangaroos made a pit stop at the Oshawa Zoo to let the kangaroos stretch their legs," Durham Regional Police Sgt. Joanne Bortoluss told The Canadian Press in an email.

"Unfortunately, during this break, one of the kangaroos managed to escape and has been sighted multiple times today."

Bortoluss said the region's lost pet search group, Team Chelsea, was trying to help contain and locate the kangaroo.  

Team Chelsea shared a video on social media, taken from a passing vehicle, that showed the kangaroo hopping along the side of Winchester Road in north Oshawa. 

"It's fast!" someone inside the car can be heard saying in the background. 

Janet Grixti of Team Chelsea told The Canadian Press that the volunteer group has "people out there (who are) experienced that are trying to assist." 

However, she said "we will not personally be securing the kangaroo" and police are advising anyone who spots the marsupial to stay away. 

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