Twenty-year-old Calgary man pleads guilty to one count related to TikTok video

Guilty plea for TikTok video

A 20-year-old Calgary man facing charges stemming from a TikTok video has pleaded guilty to one count of facilitating terrorist activity.

Zakarya Rida Hussein was charged in June with two counts of facilitating terrorist activity and two counts of participating in or contributing to an activity of a terrorist group.

Hussein appeared today via video in the Alberta Court of Justice in Calgary.

An agreed statement of facts between the Crown and the defence admits Hussein knowingly facilitated terrorist activity by posting an Islamic State group recruitment video on TikTok.

It says he also posted to Snapchat on June 1 that his mission began the next day for Pride month.

The statement of facts says Hussein also replied to automated text messages from the United Conservative Party that he was going to commit a terrorist attack.

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