Kelowna Art Gallery shows off new art installation

A blooming art display

There's a new art installation at the Kelowna Art Gallery visible from the sidewalk outside.

Simone King is the artist behind the new presentation called Bloom, which the art gallery says utilizes needle-felted wool, assorted textiles and clay to create a narrative that unfolds across the glass gallery's window.

"Visitors will see three fantastical creatures placed in concert with a mesmerizing wool painting in the background," said the Kelowna Art Gallery in a written statement.

"A large green woolly creature, which the artist has named Mossy, is flanked by a small bird-like creature named Babyface, with fledgling wings and a long grey tail. Rounding out the trio is an arachnid-like creature named Debbie with eight fuzzy legs, a brown thorax, and two button eyes."

According to the master behind the artwork, each of the creatures created in the exhibition are meant to embody otherness and isolation, while reminding people that imperfections do not diminish our worthiness of care and peace.

"The genesis of Bloom was the artist’s own journey and personal catharsis, with each artwork representing a distinct point in their healing process.Bloom reminds viewers that inspiration can be found in the beauty that emerges from even the most challenging chapters of life," said the Art Gallery.

Simone King received a BFA from UBC Okanagan and Bloom can be seen at the Kelowna Art Gallery inside or out until April 2024.

The Kelowna Art Gallery is located at 1315 Water Street in downtown Kelowna, B.C.

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