Peachland council opts for low-cost extension of beachfront walkway

Walkway being extended

Peachland’s beachfront walkway may be extended, but it’s going to be a low-cost version.

The Centennial Walkway currently ends at 13th Street. Several years ago, options to extend the walkway to Todd Road were presented at public meetings and rejected mostly for being too expensive — $2 million or more.

A proposal will go to council to turn part of the existing road into a pathway extension.

The budget will be $100,000 to be taken from the Growing Communities Fund, a $2.7-million windfall the municipality received earlier this year from the provincial government.

Councillors on Tuesday were skeptical the job could be done for just $100,000.

“It only needs a lot of paint,” explained administrator Joe Creron.

A report to council said: “It is proposed to realign and add all new paint lines, delineators plus an asphalt curb, no-post barriers or garden boxes to create a multi-use pathway on the lake side of Beach Ave.

“All parking would be restricted to the North side of Beach Avenue and several new crosswalks would be installed to accommodate pedestrians crossing Beach Avenue.”

Vehicles could park on the other side of the road. Some councillors said they’d like to see RVs and buses banned from parking in that area entirely.

At the 2015 open houses, people said the cost was too much but they supported the idea of creating a simpler walkway using the existing road, the report said.

Another open house would be scheduled, probably in February, before council gives final approval.

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