Victim of armed Kamloops carjacking says stolen vehicle recovered in Abbotsford

'I put my hands up'

A man who was carjacked at gunpoint in downtown Kamloops says his stolen BMW was found abandoned in Abbotsford with minimal damage, but the suspect is still on the lam.

Vancouver resident Arl Adlao said he was visiting family in Kamloops for the holidays. He was picking up his friend on Nicola Street at about 10:30 p.m. Monday to go to the gym when a man approached his car brandishing a gun.

“I’m on the driver side and he pointed a gun on me and asked me to get out. My doors are locked though, but I’m also scared — so I put my hands up,” said Adlao.

“After that, I was thinking maybe I can just drive my car and run. But yeah, I was too scared.”

Adlao said the man was “smart” and made distance between them when he stepped out of his car. The armed suspect jumped in Adlao’s car and made off with it.

Adlao said his friend saw everything from outside his front door and they immediately called 911.

The suspect is described as being a white man in his 40s, standing about 5-foot-7, wearing a black jacket and cap, with a wrinkled face and facial hair, according to Adlao.

He said his BMW contained plenty of personal items including his phone, headphones, snowboard, shoes, boxing equipment and a Gucci bag.

Adlao said he attempted to track his stolen phone from his laptop but was unable to locate it.

“They already found my car in Abbotsford, but my side mirror’s broken, my stuff is still there but I think he probably stole my phone,” Adlao said.

From what police told Adlao, it sounded like the only other item taken from his vehicle, beside his possibly stolen phone, was a box of chocolates which the suspect ate.

Adlao said aside from the broken side mirror, there wasn’t any apparent damage to the exterior of his vehicle.

While the suspect still hasn’t been located, Adlao said he’s waiting to get a spare key before he reconnects with his stolen car.

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