Vernon council approves upgrading light system at Vernon Airport

Lights cleared for takeoff

New LED lighting is coming to the Vernon Airport.

City council agreed Monday to provide funding to upgrade runway and taxiway lighting at the airport.

Funding will come from an apron rehabilitation and expansion project that was approved by council in 2021. The project was completed in May and came out $307,000 under its budget of $1,029,699.

Council agreed to use $100,000 of the remaining funds from that project to fund the light upgrades.

The airport's current system is 25 years old, and the upgrade is estimated to save $5,500 a year through reduced electricity and maintenance costs.

LED runway/taxiway fixtures have a life expectancy of 15 years, resulting in a significant cost saving in annual maintenance. In comparison, normal incandescent and halogen bulbs must be replaced each year at a cost of about $3,500.

The project will also upgrade the aircraft radio-controlled aerodrome lighting (ARCAL) system.

ARCAL is a radio system used by pilots to remotely turn on airfield lights during approach or departure.

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