Peachland council approves 2024 schedule

Council sets the calendar

Peachland councillors will get a long break for the holiday season.

Council’s last meeting this year will be on Dec. 5.

Under a meeting schedule for 2024 approved by council on Tuesday, the first meeting next year won’t be until Jan. 23.

Council normally meets twice a month, except in July and August.

“The reason being is we are having six weeks in between meetings just to allow our staff to catch up and also for us as a council to go on vacation,” said Mayor Patrick Van Minsel. “These two months are the best months to do this, not a lot of things going on... It’s a normal meeting schedule from then on.”

“So we’re just going to skip the ninth of January arbitrarily,” responded Coun. Terry Condon.

The full 2024 meeting schedule is here.

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