Peachland Hub project fails to reach fundraising goals, no longer viable

Peachland Hub not viable

Plans for a $15-million building that would have housed a number of Peachland non-profits have been abandoned.

The Hub would have housed groups such as the Peachland food bank and seniors centre.

Fundraising efforts were not successful, Coun. Randey Brophy informed council on Tuesday, as he read a statement put out by proponents.

The plan was to raise $10.8 million from grants, $3.56 million from donations, and $900,000 from raffles and other events.

In the statement, the Hub Society said instead of pushing for one large project, it will now support member groups with smaller projects.

The food bank and wellness centre, which currently share Fourth Street Place, are in particular need of new homes, the statement said.

“While the Food Bank and PWC are now settled into their temporary space at 4th Street Place (a near end-of-life facility), it is just temporary, and their need to find permanent homes remains.”

Organizers said they couldn’t raise the money needed by upcoming deadlines.

“Economic conditions have created an environment in which we have been unable to reach a fundraising milestone required to make the strict construction deadline of the Green and Inclusive Community Buildings fund,” the statement said.

“Without significant support from the provincial government, foundations, and high net-worth individuals we have been unable to meet this milestone and our ‘Plan A’ is no longer viable.”

Donations received will support the food bank and wellness centre in their efforts to find new homes, the statement said.

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