Former Penticton mayor hit with more legal fees following familial lawsuits

More fees for former mayor

Penticton's former mayor has been hit with yet more legal fees, following a familial assault lawsuit that saw the court pass a $14,000 judgment against him.

John Vassilaki will be responsible for the costs associated with the civil lawsuits and countersuits between himself and his family members, as well as The Cellar Wine Bar Ltd.

The lengthy legal saga began in summer 2021, when Vassilaki, 76, sued his brother Nicholas, 74, for money he claimed was owed to him from family-owned properties, alleging his role in the business had been "usurped" through "conspiratorial conduct." Vassilaki was mayor at the time.

The business in question is a building, known as the Greer Block, in the 400 block of Main Street, which houses The Cellar Wine Bar.

Nicholas Vassilakakis, owner and operator of The Cellar, and other family members then counter-sued. That legal filing accused Vassilaki of assault, claiming that in June 2020, the then-mayor "wrongfully and intentionally" assaulted and battered him.

Justice Briana Hardwick found against Vassilaki, ordering him to pay $14,000 in damages.

In a follow-up decision issued this week, Hardwick further ordered that Vassilaki shoulder the costs of the personal and corporate defendants, his family and family business, for the original civil claim.

Nicholas was further awarded costs associated with the counterclaim.

Requests by the personal and corporate defendants for special costs were denied.

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