Former Kelowna Sally Ann leaders in need of support after daughter has horrible crash

Well-known family in need

The former longtime leader of Kelowna's Salvation Army is in need of support.

On Sept. 7, former Kelowna Salvation Army pastor and executive director Darryl Burry and his wife Kim received a terrible phone call at their home in Edmonton.

"Their 19-year-old daughter, Sydney, had been in an accident, had suffered a traumatic brain injury, and was on life support at Kelowna General Hospital," a GoFundMe said.

Friend Sonia Withers says they raced to be by her side, leaving their other three children behind.

"Since their arrival in Kelowna on Friday, Sept. 8, they've been staying by Sydney's bedside as her medical team works hard to assess, stabilize, and treat the injury to her brain. Her condition is day-to-day, with some glimmers of progress and some heart-breaking setbacks," Withers said.

Withers started a GoFundMe for the family to help cover accommodation expenses, meals, and to try to bring their children from Edmonton to Kelowna to join them.

"While Kelowna isn't their home anymore, they left a legacy of caring and generosity in the community through their tireless work with The Salvation Army. They have advocated for those in the community who struggle with daily life and invested their time and love during their time as pastors at the church. Now is the perfect time to return their generosity and kindness. Please consider making a donation and supporting the family during this difficult time," she said.

Darryl and his wife Kim Burry lead the local Sally Ann for several years until 2021.

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