Middleton Mountain residents urge Coldstream to protect views with bylaw

Fighting to save their views

Residents of Coldstream's Middleton Mountain want the district to protect their views of Kalamalka Lake.

James Young showed council slides of the view from his home, obscured by trees on neighbours' properties.

A petition among residents had also previously been presented to council.

In a letter to council, Middleton resident John Price says he purchased his retirement home on the lower side of Mount York Drive in 2002 "because of the beautiful unobstructed views down the middle of Kal Lake."

But, in recent years, a neighbour planted an elm tree that is already blocking views and is expected to grow to 40 to 60 feet tall with a spread of 35 to 50 feet.

"The neighbour's tree is not near maturity, but I have already lost views from several of the rooms in my home," says Price.

He says the tree is an issue for four adjoining properties.

"I believe there should be a Coldstream bylaw in place to protect the beautiful Kal Lake /Coldstream views for all Coldstream residents," says Price.

"These lots come at a premium dollar, and we did pay a premium at the time, and taxes and resale values are based on the views of one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

"The District of Coldstream is our only defence to protect our views.... We sit here every day, watching our views slip away. "

Young told council Middleton residents are "very passionate about our views."

He said the petition is not 'anti-tree' but that the planting of native species should be favoured.

Coldstream's own landscape guidelines from a 2009 document state that upper Middleton should be planted to enhance the natural grassland quality, mainly ground covers and shrubs, said Young.

He described views from the neighbourhood as "breathtaking."

Council asked administration to come back with further information for consideration at its Oct. 10 meeting.

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