Vernon council to review strategic plan at public meeting Thursday

Review for strategic plan

Vernon city council will review its 2023-27 strategic plan at a special meeting on Thursday.

The open meeting will be held at Lakers Clubhouse, starting at 9 a.m., and the public is welcome to attend.

The review will look at priorities for council, including livability and vibrancy of the city, recreation and parks, governance, and environmental leadership.

The city's stated goals include a "focus on policies and systems that provide residents with a community where they can thrive."

Among those are continuing to encourage housing diversity and development, enhancing safety, emergency preparedness, and collaboratively addressing "street entrenchment issues."

The city aims to engage citizens in updates to the Official Community Plan, to align with the public's expectations and city's vision.

It seeks to boost the vibrancy of downtown Vernon, nurture the arts, create opportunities for residents to participate, and promote business development and tourism.

The city also aims to maximize the accessibility and usability of parks, and protect Vernon's natural assets through strategic acquisition.

Reconciliation, climate action, wildfire resilience, and transportation needs are also up for discussion.

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