Boozy vending machine shut down at Vernon apartment building

Beer machine shut down

RCMP say a beer vending machine has been shut down at a Vernon apartment building.

A resident of the building came forward this week with news that a machine in the laundry room of the building contained beer that could be bought for $4.

While police say someone had tampered with the machine and it was "allegedly stocking alcoholic beverages ... for a short period," the resident says the problem had been going on for some time, possibly years.

"We did receive a report that someone was allegedly selling alcoholic beverages out of a vending machine in a public area of a residential building in the 3000 block of 27th Avenue," Vernon RCMP spokesperson Const. Chris Terleski said in an email.

"From the investigation, we were able to determine that someone had tampered with the machine and was allegedly stocking alcoholic beverages in it for a short period of time."

Terleski says the matter was brought to the attention of the property manager, "who had already taken action to address the situation."

However, the building resident, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of eviction, says he first contacted the BC Liquor Distribution Branch a year ago, but didn't receive a reply.

After a new building management company took over three years ago, renovations were done on the building, and then, "all of a sudden, the vending machine shows up right next to a kids gumball machine that takes 25 cents."

The resident shared video showing the machine dispensing a Pilsner beer after money is deposited.

He brought the issue up again and was told about a week ago that the matter was under investigation.

His concern is that "anyone could walk in and pay $4 for a beer and walk out," as the front door of the building was left open.

"I just didn't feel it was right ... I don't think it should be happening.

The machine is still in the laundry room, "but the manager did go through and take out the beer though," the resident says.

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