Penticton Animal Care & Control reminds residents to be on the look out for fawns and and protective does

Watch out for fawns

Penticton's Animal Care and Control Services are reminding dog walkers to be on alert now that baby deer and protective does are back out.

"Please keep your dogs on leash and give sufficient room when passing by a doe with or without her fawn. If you know areas they are frequenting, please try to avoid them. If you see a baby fawn by itself, please leave it," they said in their post.

"Female deer are very protective of their young and have been known to attack pets and humans if they feel their baby is in danger. Does typically give birth towards the end of May-early June."

BC Conservation Officer Service said it is typical for baby deer to lie quietly in vegetation for hours at a time, especially in the first two weeks of their lives when they’re not strong enough to follow their mothers.

If you see a fawn that you think may be orphaned:

  • Leave it alone - If the fawn is lying quietly and appears uninjured it is normal for a mother deer to leave her baby alone for long periods of time.
  • Remember that the mother deer will be wary of you and is likely watching you, so your presence in the area could discourage her from returning.
  • Leave the area and keep pets away from the site.
  • If you think the fawn is not being cared for by its mother, return the next day to check on it. If it is in the exact same spot and bleating, it may be orphaned.

If you are concerned that a fawn is injured or orphaned (i.e., there is evidence the parent is dead), contact the Conservation Officer Service through the (RAPP) line at 1-877-952-7277 as it will need prompt attention.

For more information, contact Wildsafe BC or Conservation.

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