Peachland to buy new portable stage with plan to rent it out

Excited about new stage

Who knew that a new portable stage for Peachland would be the item to get councillors most excited at their regular Tuesday meeting?

Councillors were gushing over the prospect of the municipality buying a new stage and renting it out to make money.

The stage will cost $90,000 to buy and about $10,000 a year to maintain. Peachland already has the money to buy it. Taxes don’t need to be increased, councillors heard.

Peachland doesn’t currently have a proper outdoor stage and uses a flatbed trailer that lacks proper safety features, council was told.

“The trailer lacks a roof to protect performers and equipment from sun, rain and snow. It also lacks a proper stage floor, staircase or railings to protect performers, sound technicians, volunteers and guest speakers, and staff from the risk of dangerous trips and falls,” a report from director of community services Cory Labrecque said.

The stage Peachland would buy comes equipped with a hard-shell roof, guard rails, stairs, a 20’ x 16’ flat and level stage floor, along with other specialized equipment, the report said.

It could be rented out to for-profit groups. Noting that neighbouring municipalities don’t have a stage like that, councillors were told it could be transported within a 100-kilometre radius.

“I think it’s a great idea. It’s one of those things where it clearly benefits the community … that has a way to recoup the cost that isn’t necessarily through taxation, but events and sponsorship - just a fantastic idea,” said Coun. Dave Collins.

"I’m really excited about the opportunity to make money off this unit. That just makes me happy,” said Coun. Alena Glasman.

Others were equally as enthusiastic.

Council was told that after approving the purchase in its final budget, the stage should be delivered about two months after ordering.

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