Allow unvaccinated Canadians to cross U.S. border, Poilievre asks President Joe Biden

Poilievre asks for unvaxxed

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre says he has asked President Joe Biden to remove the U.S. government's requirement that Canadians be vaccinated for COVID-19 before crossing the border.

He told reporters after their meeting that "millions of good, decent, honourable" people are being "discriminated" against at the border, noting that Canada allows unvaccinated Americans to visit.

Poilievre met with Biden on Parliament Hill Friday during the president's 27-hour visit to the Canadian capital.

The Conservative leader said he found Biden to be a "friendly" and "decent" neighbour to Canada, and on a personal level, he said he told the president they share Irish heritage.

Poilievre said they discussed the need for Canada to bolster its defence systems and "bring fairness" to workers by seeing the U.S. exempt Canada from its Buy American policies.

The Tory leader also said he expressed a need for Biden to axe tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber.

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