Northern Lights play peek-a-boo in between the clouds

Northern Lights dazzle

Rob Gibson

Skywatchers in the Thompson-Okanagan got a light show despite the overcast skies.

The Northern Lights put on quite the spectacle if you were lucky enough to be watching when the clouds parted.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says the Northern Lights are expected to be very active again tonight and active on Saturday night if you can manage to catch a glimpse when the clouds part.

Some brave photographers toughed it out Thursday night and were rewarded with some spectacular images and videos.

"Aurora borealis activity is currently elevated, weather permitting, larger northern lights displays could be visible directly overhead in most northern communities," states the NOAA.

Friday night is expected to the best night for viewing with Saturday also expected to have activity.

Environment Canada is calling for cloudy and the chance of showers possibly flurries over the next two nights. The forecast in Kamloops is slightly better with no showers and only partly cloudy skies predicted.

The Northern Lights have been particularly active this year with a dazzling display seen across the Thompson-Okanagan near the end of February.

Late February to early April is considered the best aurora viewing months in the far north but to see the aurora skywatchers need clear and dark skies.

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