B.C. teacher banned after assaulting student in his office

Teacher banned for assault

A former B.C. high school teacher, whose name remains anonymous due to a court publication ban, has received a lifetime ban from teaching in the independent and public school systems.

That's according to a March 21 consent resolution agreement with the B.C. Commissioner of Teacher Regulation.

In September 2020, the commissioner’s office received a report from the RCMP regarding the teacher, who had previously been disciplined in 2019.

The teacher was found to have invited a student into his office and pulled the student onto his lap where he had “inappropriate physical contact” with the student. The teacher subsequently pleaded guilty to assault and received an unspecified sentence, according to the commissioner’s agreement, which notes a publication ban on the criminal proceedings.

In October 2020, the teacher admitted to professional misconduct and agreed to never apply for certification again.

The teacher had been previously suspended by his school district in October 2019 for “responding inappropriately to a student’s threat of self-harm,” according to the commissioner.

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