A wildfire risk reduction project in Lake Country is currently underway

Fires set in Lake Country

Fires are being intentionally set in Lake Country to reduce wildfire risks this summer.

Through the Crown Land Wildfire Risk Reduction funding stream, the provincial government has made significant investments to help communities and land managers mitigate wildfire risks and create more fire-resilient landscapes.

A wildfire risk reduction project over a 54-hectare area near Spion Kop in the District of Lake Country is currently underway.

The Okanagan Shuswap Natural Resource District is burning approximately 1,600 piles of wood debris on the west side of Highway 97 and above Carrs Landing Road.

The goal is to remove fuels otherwise available for wildfire consumption. Unmanaged fuels increase wildfire risk and the potential for intense wildfire behaviour.

Burning for the project started in January and will continue until spring, depending on site, weather, venting and snow conditions.

Burning will only proceed if conditions are suitable and allow smoke to dissipate.

Smoke and/or flames may be visible from Lake Country and surrounding areas.

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