Jennifer Grey teases 'a few' returning characters for Dirty Dancing sequel

Sequel for Dirty Dancing

Jennifer Grey has teased "a few other characters" will be returning for the 'Dirty Dancing' sequel.

The 62-year-old actress will reprise her role as Frances 'Baby' Houseman in the long-awaited follow-up to the 1987 classic movie and she's revealed she won't be the only familiar face that audiences get to see.

She said: "It's happening. [We're not filming] until the spring...

"Baby is quite a few years older. You will see a few other characters from the original.

"It's tricky and also exciting."

And Jennifer confirmed the sequel will share the same setting as the original.

She told 'Extra': "I would say that you can count on it being at Kellerman's, returning to Kellerman's."

Jennifer, who will also executive produce the sequel, previously confirmed the late Patrick Swayze's role as Johnny Castle won't be recast.

She said: “All I can say is there is no replacing anyone who’s passed — you never try to repeat anything that’s magic like that.

“You just go for something different.”

But director Jonathan Levine has teased that Johnny will still be "a part" of the plot.

He said: "Johnny is a part of Baby’s journey in the story."

The filmmaker has also promised fans he won't "ruin [their] childhood" by tainting their memories of the original with the sequel.

He said: "While the original ‘Dirty Dancing’ has always been one of my favourite films, I never imagined I would direct the sequel.

"Through co-writing it, I fell in love with the characters (new and old), the world of 1990s Catskills New York, and the music, which will range from songs from the original movie to ‘90s hip-hop.

"I can’t wait to collaborate with Jennifer to bring this beautiful story of summer and romance and dancing to a generation of new fans.

"And to the longtime ones, I promise we will not ruin your childhood. We will tackle the assignment with sophistication, ambition, and, above all, love."

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