Housing top issue for incumbent Vernon councillor Kari Gares

Housing key for Gares

Incumbent Vernon councillor Kari Gares says one of her greatest "fundamental concerns" is providing adequate and affordable housing.

She says the current council has "worked exceptionally hard to deliver a roadmap to give future councils a template to follow and scorecard with which to gauge their progress."

Gares says housing is a "core need" for everyone and that a lack of housing is a catalyst "to most, if not all, issues affecting the city."

Gares is a third-generation Vernonite.

She graduated from the University of British Columbia Okanagan with a double major in psychology and history.

She worked in finance with an emphasis on mortgage lending before starting her own brokerage in 2011.

Her goals include:

  • Building a strong and diverse business model that creates a more sustainable, and balanced economic approach that fosters connectivity between our business sector and city partners, creates growth and provides a healthy investment atmosphere for alternate sector jobs/industries.
  • Focusing on family and youth initiatives and programs that are economically sustainable and socially inclusive to attract growth.
  • A focus on infrastructure development that encourages growth and ensures a sustainable future for our community.

She is a longtime supporter of community groups, including the Queen Silver Star excellence program, sport sponsorships, the Elizabeth Fry Society, North Okanagan Minor Lacrosse Association, and is a board member of the Vernon & District Land Trust, which helps develop affordable housing.

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