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Ebus provides excellent alternative to winter driving on BC highways

Reasons galore to ride Ebus

Saturday is the first day winter tires are legally required for most major B.C. highways.

So not only do you have to either buy winter tires or spend valuable time getting the ones you already own put on your vehicle. You then have to worry about white-knuckling it over the Connector and the Coquihalla for four hours or more to get the Lower Mainland.

Who needs that kind of hassle when Ebus can get you there not only stress-free, but also comfortably, affordably and productively?

“Safety is first and foremost,” Ebus director John Stepovy says. “You never know, especially along the Coquihalla, when you’re going to get inclement weather. It may be sunny where you're starting and by the time you end it’s maybe four seasons later.”

Ebus travels between most major B.C. centres, including Kelowna, Vernon, Vancouver, Hope, Merritt and Kamloops. Whether you’re travelling for pleasure or for business, the reasons are plentiful to give Ebus a try.

One is the comfort of knowing you have an established driver behind the wheel—and not your friend’s cousin’s brother who just got his licence the other day.

“Our coach operators are professionals, they’ve been at it for many years, and they go through extensive winter training annually, so there’s always refreshers,” Stepovy says. “Our operators are prepared to deal with not just the weather that may occur out of nowhere, but also the roads and other vehicles on the roadway.

“You can rest easy and rest assured you’re going to get to where you’re going, or, as we say, safely home.”

Another Ebus benefit is the work you can get done during the ride. Whether it’s work for school or business, you have time to spread out, focus on the task at hand and use the coach’s Wi-Fi to get a connection to the world if required. You can’t do that when you’re driving, and flying is full of so many stops and starts that is difficult to get into a rhythm.

You can also watch a full movie, which is something you can’t do on a plane within B.C., or you can have a nice, restful nap to ensure you are full of energy when you arrive at your destination. The Ebus experience features all the amenities you could want.

Take Stepovy, for instance. He isn’t just an Ebus employee—he’s also a client.

“I travel with our coaches all the time, because not only can I get some work done, which I think is nice, but I’d rather be comfortable and not white knuckling it down the highway myself,” he says. “So I when I have the opportunity, I will take the coach before I think about driving.”

Another reason to enjoy an Ebus adventure involves nature. Not only are playing a role in taking 52 vehicles off the road every time an Ebus coach hits the highway, but you can enjoy all the beautiful vistas rural B.C. has to offer. When you’re on an Ebus, you are literally riding high and can catch views far-away scenery you cannot see in your own vehicle.

The holiday season is approaching, and ensuring you can get your Ebus seat before it’s gone could not be easier. The company also offers plenty of flexibility if your dates change down the road.

This article is written by or on behalf of the sponsoring client and does not necessarily reflect the views of Castanet.

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