LaRiviere withdraws from board of education election, remains on council ballot

One less SD73 candidate

Darrell LaRiviere has removed his name from the ballot for school trustee, and has instead decided to double down on his bid for city council.

LaRiviere, the only local candidate who had been seeking multiple seats in next month's civic election, told Castanet Kamloops he wouldn’t be able to accomplish what he aims to do as a School District 73 trustee.

“Pretty much the entirety of the reason I ran was to get the breakfast-lunch program that I have for my vision,” he said.

“But turns out that doesn't really help. ... So that that goal, I'm trying to do it via the city route.”

Even if approved by the local board of education, many initiatives brought about by trustees still need to go through the Ministry of Education and Childcare for approval. LaRiviere said that can create difficulties when trying to make big changes.

“We're not going to get it to the province, unfortunately. The province doesn't care enough about child poverty, child hunger,” LaRiviere said.

“I don't think I would be successful in lobbying the province. I think I might have a better chance of success near the city.”

Currently, there are 10 candidates running for five trustee positions representing Kamloops. LaRiviere is one of 23 people seeking a seat on Kamloops city council.

The local general election will be held on Oct. 15.

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