Back to school

Preparing for back to school fear-mongering campaign

Before you know it, our kids will be heading back to school and before you know it, one of them is bound to come home with some form of “informative” newsletter touting the merits of some medical procedure or vaccine. Whether it is the latest Gardasil human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine or some other medicine that is just as harmful, at some point you will be faced with some decisions.

I have written about vaccinations in the past and you can go to my website to get those columns however, I just need to remind people that the Gardasil vaccination is only a long-term experiment and when the real “side effects” appear, you may be sorry your daughter ever received that vaccine.

Some of the other decisions that you will be faced with during the school year are whether to vaccinate your child for childhood illnesses or whether you should get the annual flu shot or if you should turn your child into an addict by filling that Ritalin prescription. You may hear about many things that could affect your child’s health during the school year, which may include head lice and so on.

The fact is, you will always have decisions to make about your child’s health and safety, they (the system) will always make you feel like a nasty awful parent if you do not conform to their “program” what ever that happens to be at that particular time. If you are unsure about anything that involves the health of your child and need time to do research then, that is your right.

It certainly is difficult to make snap decisions if the opportunity ever arises this is why it is important to consider some of the possible scenarios a head of time, then there will be no wondering whether you did the right thing or not.

If you are interested in alternative medicine or are interested at least, in a more natural approach to the most common situations that you are likely to be exposed to, now is the time to start researching what it is you need to have on hand.

During the peak of cold or flu season, I often get frantic messages that have come in during the night about a child who is down with a high fever or other situation. At that point, it is comforting to have homeopathic remedies or other alternatives on hand so those frantic calls do not have to be placed.

The other reason for considering some of the above scenarios now, rather than later is for confidence’s sake there is a greater confidence in being prepared. When your community at large only has the information that was conveyed by the pharmaceutical giants via the media, you would have researched the missing pieces of the story and will not have to act out of fear.

In general, for the earlier grades, you will be asked if your child’s immunizations are up to date however, it is not mandatory to have any vaccinations in this country. You may want to consider an eye and hearing exam for your child when they enter school.

For the older grades, you will be asked to sign consent forms at some point for booster immunizations.

At some point during your child’s education, you may be called in to meet with concerned teachers and administrators about your child’s performance and behaviour. They may strongly suggest an “evaluation” of your child’s condition in many cases, your child may be “diagnosed” with ADD/HD. Then, the school will strongly recommend that, unless the child is medicated they will not be able to attend that particular school. I would question this- big time.

There are more scenarios like the above-mentioned ones but I trust that you get the message. The point is to ask yourself the difficult questions now and have the answers ready if the need arises you will feel more confident about your decision.

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