Handgun ban won't matter

Re: Handguns in Canada

The prime minister that we are stuck with believes that if he bans handguns in Canada he will save us all from harm.  Former minister Alan Rock tried this years ago with the national gun registry, spending some $2 billion-plus on this effort to no avail. The legally held hand guns in Canada are transported from home to the legal gun range, used there for the shooting sport, then transported back home to be safely locked away. These handguns are bought legally with permits and licences with full disclosure to the police and the government. These handguns are not used to commit crimes in Canada.  What the prime minister wants to do is to secure the votes of the people who believe that handguns—the legally held ones—are used for crime. This is false, and most people believe that. 

So PM, please tell the public, where do the criminals obtain their illegal handguns? Handguns are smuggled every day across the Canada/USA border by people in the business of supplying the handguns to the black market in Canada. These handguns are favoured by drug dealers and others in the criminal world of Canada’s large cities. By the PM saying that handguns are banned in Canada will not dry up this supply coming into Canada, so ask him why he is doing this. He needs the extra votes so he can obtain a dictatorship—i.e., a majority. 

Maybe the PM should also ban sharp knives and scissors. They are kept in the open, sold without permits and may be carried everywhere. Always ready.

Jorgen Hansen

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